North Augusta Martial Arts
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North Augusta Martial Arts
is more than just the name of our school

Our style has been taught in this area since the early 60's.  We carry on the teachings and traditions of O' Sensei Virgil D. Kimmey; a local legend. Not just the techniques he taught us; but the methods, mentality, and humility he taught us as well. So many schools today have lost what it means to truly teach martial arts. Its more than just fighting. Its more than just self defense. Its about helping a person shape themselves into who they want to truly be. Mr. Kimmey made champions. Mr. Kimmey made black belts. But most importantly, Mr. Kimmey helped make young men and women who would grow up to be strong, yet caring, people. He affected thousands of people's lives in a very positive way. That is what we do here. That is what our name represents. We are not just a school in a city, but a school that carries on the traditions that were started by Mr. Kimmey over 50 years ago in the city of North Augusta.

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The best kids, teen, and adult
fitness and martial arts
the CSRA

Since 2003, North Augusta Martial Arts has been providing students with the best classes and most variety of style of instructions in the entire CSRA.  We have offered classes in TAI Karate, Full Contact Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, English Martial Arts, Kung Fu, Ninpo Taijitsu, Kenpo Karate, Judo, Kali, Escrima, Yoga, Pilates, TUFF Fit, FitRanX, MMA Fit, Cardio Kickboxing, Boot Camps, and Personal Training

What people are saying about NAMA...

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One of my daughters has high functioning Autism.  I have seen a major rise in her self confidence since joining your dojo.  She tells me all the time "Sensei tells the best stories".  I thank you for that.
Andrea F.

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The best word to describe North Augusta martial arts would be "prestigious".  The staff at the dojo does not only teach the students the knowledge of martial arts,they also teach them discipline, respect, and compassion for fellow man, in and outside of the dojo.  No one child is singled out because he or she is better or is not better than the other students.  They are all treated as equals. Since my son has attended the school, his attitude and drive to better himself has improved at home and in other activities. A big thanks goes out to Frank, Christa, and all the staff at North Augusta martial arts.
Dean C.

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We love the staff and atmosphere at NAMA!
I also like that they learn more than karate in class. The instructor teaches them life skills as well!
Raelynn S.

We are conveniently located to all of the following areas... Aiken, Appling, Augusta, Bath, Belvedere, Beech Island, Burnettown, Clarks Hill, Clearwater, Edgefield, Evans, Fort Gordon, Gloverville, Graniteville, Greer, Grovetown, Harlem, Hebzibah, Jackson, Johnston, Langley, Martinez, Murphy Estates, Midland Valley, New Ellington, North Augusta, Thomson, Trenton, Valcluse, and Warrenville
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